Improving your health with the molecule of life

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) is an enzyme found in all living cells, which plays a critical role in energy production, DNA repair and other essential biological functions.

Basically, without NAD+, we would be on the fast track to death!

Viva Well's cutting-edge NAD+ therapy treatments are designed to boost your overall wellness and vitality by optimising your body's NAD+ levels. This has a world of benefits, especially, if your NAD+ levels have started to decrease due to inflammation, including:

  • Improving longevity
  • Enhanced cognitive function
  • Boosting your metabolism
  • Supporting normal neurological function and memory
  • Slowing signs of aging
  • Boosting cellular health
  • Improving energy levels and overall vitality
  • Potentially fighting off neurological conditions

Following a discussion of your health status, wellness goals and medical history, nurse Raquel will work to create a customised treatment plan based around your particular needs and preferences.

You can expect near-immediate boost to your energy and mental clarity following the first treatment, which will only improve as your treatment plan continues.

Treatment available in IV drip and subcutaneous injections. 

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NAD+ IV Therapy benefits individuals experiencing chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety and age-related decline.

NAD+ at home injections

 1 vial


This micro-dose treatment at home can help you to promote cellular repair and maintain overall vitality . ( 6 weeks treatment )