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Welcome to Viva Well.

Viva Well is a wellness, health and aesthetic clinic in Belgravia that offers holistic, natural and bespoke solutions to enhance performance, health and wellness, longevity, and boosts your natural beauty via tailor-made non-invasive aesthetic treatments.

Whether you are interested in a quick fix to make you look good on your weekend night out, whether you want to build up reservoirs to boost your appearance from the inside out, whether you need to handle acute stress and require some support, whether you want to build muscle or want to lose weight, improve your immune system, look younger, feel stronger, be happier – options are infinite at the Belgravia clinic Viva Well.

Meet Our Founder, Nurse Raquel Campos

Raquel found her feet in the world of aesthetics by working within plastic surgery. She came to enjoy not just the technicalities and processes of the field, but the experience of making patients feel good about themselves and granting them confidence by addressing what they might see as their flaws.

This led to her to consider the potential of granting people confidence with minimally- or non-invasive treatments, which naturally would come at a lower cost and be available to more people. After specialising in IV infusions and injections for 6 years, Raquel went on to expand the scope of her knowledge and the services she is able to offer by providing aesthetics treatments. This was the making of Viva Well, and our unique twofold approach to health and aesthetics.

Qualifications and accreditations

  • Level 7 qualification in medical aesthetics
  • PgCert independent prescriber

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a Holistic approach

We offer a range of health, hair and skin-boosting injections 

Not sure what treatment best addresses your concerns? We can recommend a treatment tailored to your lifestyle and goals during our initial consultation. All our treatments are bespoke and adjusted over time to optimise effectiveness and long term benefits. Take the first step towards long-lasting natural health and beauty by booking a consultation at our Viva Well aesthetics clinic in Belgravia






Why choose us?

R8_altTextWe take a holistic approach to your beauty and wellbeing 

As much as we all like a quick fix – and of course that's something we can do, too! – Viva Well is not an in-and-out health clinic on the go.

We take our responsibility to improve your ‘You' very seriously, and we make sure to have the resources and time to discuss with you every single one of your concerns, to get to know you, to make suggestions, and to help you look and feel the very best all the time via a tailor-made plan for you.


We put natural beauty first


Our approach to health and aesthetics puts your beauty first. We firmly believe in personal individual beauty, and we will find the optimal and most cutting edge non-invasive treatments to optimise your looks the way you envision them.

You will find yourself with your natural strengths enhanced, radiant, your confidence boosted, and a whole new you without ever losing your individuality that makes you unique and beautiful.

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We look after you inside and out


Our combination of vitamin injections and more potent IV drips go above and beyond what a typical aesthetics or wellness clinic can offer, helping our clients to optimise their nutrition, improve their metabolic processes and enhance their ability to cope with the physical and mental stresses of modern life.

We specialise in weight loss, sleep optimisation, exercise recovery and optimisation, inside-out skin boosting (your skin is your largest organ and skin health is directly linked to heart health, by the way!), stress metabolization, improving cognisance and brain health, and longevity management.





What do our customers say about our aesthetics clinic in Belgravia?


“I'm very happy and satisfied with my Anti-wrinkle and profhilo treatment, my face is glowing and looks youthful as never before. Thank so much!” 

L.E 18/6/23


“I had very good experience with Raquel at Viva well. During the consultation she understood what I was looking for straight away. After treatments of Botox and dermal fillers, she helped me to feel more confident on my own skin."

D.O 10/8/23



"I wasn't sure what treatments I wanted to do. Raquel was very professional and with no rush, she explained each treatment and all benefits . I am very pleased with the results and can't wait to return."

D.C 21/10/23


“Raquel is like a magic beauty wand, a warm hug, and a boost to all senses all in one. Her bespoke service is exceptional, her intuition always correct when it comes to suggesting new products and available treatments, her diligence and attention to detail unparalleled in the beauty industry. I look better, I feel better, I perform better, I sleep better – and I age much slower. I honestly wouldn't know what to do without Raquel. Anyone who wants to upgrade to a personal version 2.0, go to Viva Well!”

A.L 14/11/22




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